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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Time To Grow!

We have finally finished getting all the raised beds built and installed! I have everything planted except the basil which will go in this week. Here is the BIG REVEAL of our finished garden!

The picture above shows one corner of our yard with four 4'x4' and two 2'x14' (joined in an L-shape) raised beds. We used a red mulch between the beds both for contrast and to help keep weeds down.

One side of the L bed with cucumbers and tomatoes. We will be using the fencing to help support the plants as they grow. The cucumbers were grown from seed and the tomatoes were purchased from a local nursery as transplants.  We do plan to grow tomatoes from seed next year once we get a better setup for the greenhouse.

The other side of the L bed with all tomato transplants. We have a total of 26 tomato plants in 6 varieties. We have slicers, bite size, and sauce tomatoes. Hoping for a good year in growing!

The nearest bed is broccoli. We were pretty late in planting the broccoli, but still hoping for a successful year. The far square bed is the kiddo's garden. He planted lettuce, carrots, cherry tomatoes, a Better Boy tomato, and ground cherry.

The nearest bed has a plethora of plants. We are have lettuce, peanuts, purple bell peppers, borage, onion, and habanero pepper.  The far bed has onion, green bell pepper, carrots, beets, roman chamomile, and habanero pepper.

This is the other corner of the front yard. No L-shaped bed on this side, but we do have a small lemon tree in a pot.

The near bed has corn muskmelon, pumpkin, and zucchini. The far bed has peas, beans, ground cherry, pumpkin, sunflower, woad, and flowers.

This side has corn, watermelon, honeydew, and muskmelon in the near bed. We have watermelon, flowers, sunflower, beans, and ground cherry in the far bed.

We have potted herbs galore! The green pots have eight different kinds of mint. I might have a slight obsession with growing mint. The blue and red pots have all different kinds of medicinal and kitchen herbs.

Our square pots have raspberry, blackberry, elderberry, boysenberry, goji berry, and (surprise!) two varieties of cotton! I wanted to try to grow the cotton as an ornamental plant. We will see how that goes.

The front porch flower bed has raspberry, strawberry, and blackberry plants from last year's plantings.

Also from last year's planting, we have the garlic doing quite well. Garlic was planted in October for a (hopefully) June harvest.

Lastly, we have our potato hills. I am quite please with how well they seem to be doing so far.

This is the garden for 2014!  Now we wait for the plants, sun, and water to do their thing. Hope your garden is growing well too!

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